What is Shotspresso?

Shotspresso is an all natural energy shot made from 100% Cold Pressed Coffee without any added caffeine. It contains 180mg caffeine naturally in a 50mL bottle which is equivalent to 3x Espressos per serve, talk about energy boost! Amazingly, it contains 0 Sugars and only 10 Calories per shot.

The bottle is made of glass and aluminium, making it 100% recyclable. It's a clean energy drink you can take anywhere, consume anytime. 

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5% of All Profits Go Back To Coffee Farms.

At Shotspresso, we're returning the favour to all of the coffee farmers who harvest our coffee by returning 5% of our profits back to them to improve their livelihoods and overall enjoyment of harvesting on the field. 

Our current donations will go to our core coffee farmers on the state of Minas Gerais Estate.

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