Shotspresso making the switch to Biogone’s landfill-biodegradable packaging materials

August 27, 2021

Shotspresso making the switch to Biogone’s landfill-biodegradable packaging materials

Manufacturing and warehousing businesses around Australia use around five million tonnes of packaging material annually, which end up discarded into landfills and waterways, either by the end consumer or the establishment itself.   

The only way this figure will change is for Australian businesses to seriously take stock of their packaging choices and find more sustainable options that will not compromise on the quality and safety of their products being packaged and delivered but will also minimise the environmental impact.  While it may seem like a challenging feat, Biogone, Australia’s leading eco-conscious company, is leading the charge in offering a suite of packaging options that drive businesses to more environmentally conscious decisions. 

Shotspresso, a local coffee beverage manufacturer and distributor in Melbourne, is one of many businesses conscious of its environmental footprint and looking to make the switch to more sustainable solutions in its supply chain. Just recently they joined forces with Biogone.

Jay, Shotspressos Managing Director says, It is fundamental that Australian businesses, regardless of size and reach, do their part in making plastic smart decisions. I believe that all manufacturing and warehousing companies that use plastic packaging daily, should consider looking into more eco-friendly alternatives. Biogone provides high-quality biodegradable plastic packaging materials that well be using for years to come.”  

Biogone offers many businesses like Shotspresso a one-stop-shop, offering landfill-biodegradable tapes, pallet wrapping, bubble wrap, strapping and many other kinds of biodegradable packaging materials. The entire Biogone range is highly functional and has been meticulously handpicked from worldwide sources to offer the best biodegradable packaging products in the market. 

Shotspresso is loud and proud when it comes to its green pallet wrapping.  When customers receive their Shotspresso delivery, they can easily see  Shotspressos well-considered approach in using a more eco-plastic alternative and complying with the Governments’ 2025 National Packaging Targets 

Landfill-biodegrade plastic can be recycled with other mainstream soft plastics and has REDcycle approval. It is also designed so that once the plastic can no longer be recycled, it can be disposed of in a general waste bin and once in a landfill, will biodegrade approximately 90+% faster than conventional plastic packaging materials. Biodegrading into an organic matter, producing a natural fertiliser and no microplastics. 

According to Dr Ross Headifen, co-founder of Biogone, the demand for biodegradable packaging materials within the industry has been steadily increasing, as small to medium-size businesses are looking at innovative and plastic responsible ways to package their products or find ways to inject the Biogone products into their business.  

 “Biogone focuses on all possible sustainable elements in their business to reduce plastic waste. With each product we create, we are aiming to reduce the plastic build-up in landfills. Incorporating Biogone landfill-biodegradable technology is like an insurance policy that will allow the plastic to biodegrade away when it is eventually disposed to a landfill.”